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Community is first and center in everything we do. We support grassroots activists and organizations fighting for racial, economic, and environmental justice. We also fund independent designers and creators to help get their ideas launched. If you are an interested in receiving funding for your project, or donations to support your group or organization’s efforts toward social change, send us a note at

Black Land Matters

Sapelo island is a historic land located off the coast of Georgia. Gullah Geechee community were forced off of their legal lands through manipulation, financial coercion, and illegal quitclaim deeds. Contributions go directly to Gullah Geechee descendant efforts to reclaim and repopulate Sapelo.

Creator's Fund

Origin of Mind Creator’s Fund is our own in-house project to support BIPOC designers bring their creative visions to life. We provide funding to support production, marketing, and other tools to build and share apparel, print, industrial, and other creative projects.


Dreamyard collaborates with Bronx youth, families and schools to build pathways to equity and opportunity through the arts. Donations to go support programs and curricula that support young people in exploring their identities through arts and social justice.

Freedom House Detroit

Freedom House serves individuals and families seeking asylum. Donations support housing search and relocation services, legal aid and family reunification, and mental and medical health care and education.

Relief International

Relief International provides emergency felief, economic rehabilitation, development assistance and program services to refugee communities worldwide. Donations help fund medical equipment, COVID-19 PPE, and to raise awareness around refugee stories.

Transgender District SF

The Transgender District provides solutions for the Bay Area trans community by celebrating and affirming the presence and contributions of trans residents. Donations go to support tenant protections and preventing displacement due to gentrification, employment opportunities, and urban beautification efforts.

Womankind NYC

Womankind provides multilingual and culturally-responsive services for survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking, and sexual violence. Donations go to support programs that offer safe living, legal assistance, counseling and wellness activities.

Youth Radio

YR Media is a national network of young journalists and artists, headquartered in Oakland. Donations support classes and materials for youth development in graphic design, video and audio production, journalism, and social activism.